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FIB use case 23: CargoLedger


Hjalmar van der Schaaf presents CargoLedger. Can blockchain make shipping faster and more efficient?

Paperless logistics

One of the major challenges in supply chain management is reducing your paper flows without losing trusted control.
Embracing innovative technology will surely help you with this, and also optimizes your logistics process with benefits in time, costs and efficiency.

Improve efficiency

A paperless workflow increases efficiency by up to 80%, while also significantly saving validation and verification costs.
In general, your business transactions costs will decrease while compliance and stakeholder management will improve.

Accurate enroute

Follow the track of your logistics documents with track-and-trace and improve the traceability of your cargo.
From source to end station and with secure proof of origin and proof of action. Our Control Tower leads the way.


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Logistics, SupplyChainOptimization

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Scalable solution

global, Netherlands

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PublicBlockchain, DistributedBlockchain
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