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During the first CGIAR Convention on Big data in Cali, Colombia in spetmeber 2017, we agreed that blockchain technology has a potential for addressing some of the seemingly insuperable challenges facing agri-food system  value chains with respect to things like seed integrity, food safety, traceability of origins, traceability of sustainability indicators and welfare indicators, traceability of hidden characteristics such as bio-fortification, along with more “traditional” blockchain applications such as smart contracts, and smart financial mediation. In general successful applications of blockchain technology could potentially greatly lower market risks. We agreed that it would make a lot of sense to share experiences in order to learn from them. One of the ways to do that is to develop a shared common research protocol to apply with blockchain pilot projects and proofs-of-concept in order to be able to draw conclusions about both the successes as well as the inevitable failures.


CGIAR Big Data Convention Hyderabad 2019

During the CGIAR big data convention in Hyderabad 2019, the theme was Trust: humans, machines, ecosystems. Blockchain was definitely a key component and the community of practice on socio-economic data organized a number of sessions related to the topic


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CGIAR Platform for Big data in Agriculture, community of Practice on socio-economic data

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