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Strike Two Summit event #2 track #1

This tracked proposed to use digital identity to increase income for smallholder farmers. Track participants explored how data provided voluntarily by farmers about their livelihoods, lives and sustainability practices and performance could be monetised and exchanged as a new stream of wealth.

Problem statement: Farmers earn less than a required living income and are unfairly blamed for practices based on their circumstances. They are challenged by inability to access finance to stabilise earning and practices, so they remain marginal income earners. 

Objective: Develop an action plan to increase farmer income by providing them with a Digital Identity, connectivity and platform for data exchange. 

How can farmers benefit from a unique Farm Identity? 

The root causes for low farmer income are that the supply chain members recognize the value of the crop more than the value of the farmer. Buyers and consumers neglect farmer incomes. These are symptoms of a ‘broken’ food system. This issue can be overcome by introducing a digital ID into the system. This neutral ID will give farmers the opportunity to sell valuable data about their crops and practices via third party plugins supplied by Bluenumber (B#). B# allows the holder of the ID to offer data using an SDG framework. (1) 

The data will be priced according to the SDG framework in which scoring can be applied to each unique farmer. Through the implementation of blockchain technology this ensures monetizable data of value to support sustainability claims (by product brands) and sustainable development (by government entities). (1) 

Farmers will remain self-sovereign, peer-verified and benchmarked against independent data sources. The holder of the ID always hold the property rights to the data they create. The data will be offered by holders on a demand driven marketplace in which the holders will be paid for the data they supply. Bluenumber and partners that supply the application and plugins would merely receive brokerage fees on permission from the B# holder. (1) 

Especially small farmers in development countries would benefit from a digital ID. The reason for this is the lack of identity in an existing data-rich environment. Many farmers in these areas are not yet connected and lack modern day IT services. For this reason these same farmers also haven’t issued a unique ID and consequently cannot gain economic leverage.(1)


Bluenumber homepage

Bluenumbers were introduced at the UN in 2015 as a tool to track and measure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from a beneficiary-centric perspective.

Bluenumbers can identify, enable and empower individuals such as small farmers or conscious consumers. We help businesses trace their supply chains, verify and analyse their data, and generate evidence to support their sustainability claims.
Bluenumber has offices in Singapore, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Germany.


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