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Strike Two Summit Tracks


Many of us agree that we need to transform our food system to be more transparent, circular and sustainable. The Strike Two Summit addresses crucial issues facing our food supply chain. Transformation is accelerated as we explore new technologies.

The summit is highlighted with ‘track’ themes that range from blockchain solutions that make farm buyouts possible, to building consumer trust and safety with fraud-free digital food twins.

The Strike Two Summit connects the coalition of the willing.

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Food Safety

Strike Two Summit Event #1 Track #1
Data Cooperative: Track 1 proved that suppliers and sellers can strengthen their position in the marketplace by using blockchain to share verifiable data.

Product Passport: Track 1 concluded that blockchain can help to make food identifiable for the consumer, like travellers are identifiable to airport security.

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Food Quality

Strike Two Summit event #1 track #2
Looking at three sub cases of food quality traceability:
- animal based systems
- fish systems
- plant based systems

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AgriFoodTrust Entity

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Strike Two Summit event #1 track #3
The happy bread network uncovered the various parties that are connecting their ingredients for bread through blockchain to ensure food quality to thoughtful clients

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S2S2 Final Report For development Countries

This paper is focused on extracting valuable information from the track reports of the Strike Two Summit event on the 21st and 22nd of November. The information had to be relative to improving the current state of the SDG’s in these countries. The event was focused on the development of new incentives, aided by new technologies, like blockchain technology, to increase farmer income. The attendees existed of mostly corporate officers, sustainability managers, supply chain managers, technology and innovation managers and producers whom originate in the agrifood industry.
In this document the important findings are portrayed of all three tracks limited to its relevance for economic, technological and innovational growth in developing countries.

Unpublished report/ document

Farm identity

Strike Two Summit event #2 track #1
This tracked proposed to use digital identity to increase income for smallholder farmers. Track participants explored how data provided voluntarily by farmers about their livelihoods, lives and sustainability practices and performance could be monetized and exchanged as a new stream of wealth.

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